Monthly Archives: April 2012




Thanks for checking out my first ever blog post.  My deciding to blog comes from some great friends who have supported the idea that I either write a blog, a book, or a newspaper column.  I decided this would be a great way to get my feet wet.

The main topic of this blog will be parenting.  And in parenting I mean the funny things and the crazy things that happen.  Typically, it will revolve around the older set.  My kids are older now…they sleep through the night and if they don’t they are wise enough to leave me alone, they go to school all day, and are over the top active in sports (mainly one child), academic teams, and scouts.

I explained to my oldest that I was going to give this blogging thing a try.  He is less than thrilled with my experimenting with yet another form of technology.  I’m kind of a Facebook queen and I think it gets under his skin just a little.  Later he was excited but when I told it would be about parenting…well he isn’t so excited anymore.

My husband is really happy about this whole adventure.  He is a little worried that I might “throw him under the bus.”  Not planning to run him over with my quick keyboard skills but a little good-natured chiding never hurt him yet.

So to all out there…welcome to my parenting world.  To those that know me…thanks for your support.

Amy P