Weekend Woes


Wow!  Time can sure fly when you are having fun.  It has been a quick Saturday and Sunday and it is get ready for Monday already.

In just over two days we have

  • worked on a school project which is still not finished
  • competed at a track meet
  • lunched out and met up with most of the girls’ track team
  • vomited on more than one occasion
  • ate gopher guts
  • earned a fun badge with Girl Scouts
  • sanitized softee
  • had an if you can reach you can eat it dinner

The tween has a huge state project on Kentucky due in the morning but he wakes up in the night Friday with a great case of a stomach virus or an inner ear infection.  So, it’s off to the doctor for us in the morning.  I am probably the world’s worst mom when it comes to a sick kid.  Vomit I due not do.  Thankfully, I have a husband who is able to take care of that kind of spillage because it would have to just sit there until we moved again.

The teen competed in his last track meet of the season and we had agreed to take him out to a lunch of his choice.  He picks BW3s which is fine with us.  Imagine my surprise when most of the girls’ track team shows up after we had ordered.  The teen says, “Oh yeah, I heard them say something about coming here.”  He decides to be shy for the first time in his life and refuses the offer to go sit with them.  This causes a huge chorus of we love you teen please come sit with us.  I had to fill in that he loves his mama and wants to stay with me.  For some crazy reason, this didn’t stop the chorus nor did it embarrass the teen.

Softee had to be sanitized this weekend (this means it was in the washer for 1 hour and 44 minutes on hot).  This is the queen’s attachment, lovely, constant companion, can’t sleep without her.  Each time I wash it I secretly hope that it disintegrates.  Softee is really pretty nasty–I have been known to use the tongs to transfer it from the bedroom to the washing machine.  I has more hole than blanket.  The queen can now wear it over her head–kind of like a royal robe.

We didn’t really eat gopher guts.  I just decided to rename banana pudding thinking if I decided not to make it the queen wouldn’t get her feathers all ruffled.  She insists banana pudding is gopher guts and believes it should be served at the next Daisy meeting.  Imagine the emails and phone calls I would get from serving that.

I am truly enjoying the if you can reach it you can eat it dinner tonight.  The teen isn’t hungry, the tween isn’t eating (which saves on clean up), and the queen is fascinated with frozen waffles and the toaster.  She thinks she is really big stuff being able to operate the toaster…one day when she leaves our nest, she will at least be able to serve frozen waffles and Carnation Instant Breakfast (she may want to practice securing the lid on the Tupperware shaker).

Have a great week and enjoy the last few weeks of school.  You are breathing my air or staring at me will soon be taking place in a home near you.

About amyp22

I am a retired school teacher and a stay at home mom who moves a lot for my husband's job. I have three children who keep me entertained every day. They are 14, 11, and just turned 7.

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