Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day hanging in the breeze I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my mother and how we have ended up being so much the same.  Young people always vow to be different from their parents and in some cases they are but sometimes it ends up being a similar book with a different cover.  For example, the queen plans to never marry or have children but she thinks I’m coming to live with her and do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry.  I never planned to marry either but sure wasn’t planning to take my mom with me.

As some of you know, I have a huge thing about Diet Coke with ice, in a cup, with a lid, and a straw.  Where do you think this crazy habit came from?  My mom of course.  She was probably around my age when my dad started calling her ever-present cup St Christopher of Plastic Cups.

Currently, I have a freak thing going with plastic in the microwave and the dishwasher.  I am sure the Tupperware salesperson I use wishes I had never met her.  I ask so many questions about its safety that she sends me links to different research articles.  In case you would like to know, BPAs have not been present in Tupperware brand products since the 70s.  My freaking out about weird stuff of course comes from my mom.  I grew up in the 70s when people dropped acid and who knows what all.  Seems as though she read an article about the tattoo prizes in Cracker Jack being laced with acid.  We were by no means allowed to lick that slip of paper and slap it on some body part because our brains might explode.  Imagine the surprise of me and my sister when Grandma gave the queen a package containing tattoos at Christmas.

Not only were Cracker Jack tattoos forbidden but so were Pop Rock candies.  Don’t you know they might get swallowed and you choke on them jumping around in your stomach.  Guess who actually buys Pop Rocks for my kids.  Oh yes, Grandma once again and she actually eats them too.  Let me add that I don’t because I’m more concerned about tooth decay.  But that’s okay, I don’t allow the queen to use stick on nails because they might trap fungus on the nail and cause her to lose them all.

My mom had this phrase “if you have to ask the question you already know the answer.”  She would whip it out when you wanted to do something that wasn’t really okay but wanted permission to do it anyway.  Guess who has fallen victim to the phrase?  Everyone who lives in my house and a few extra folks and it was uttered by me not my mom.

There were three of us and I have three myself.  My mom was always throwing out a name, and then, another, and sometimes the dog’s and even her brothers’ in hopes of getting it right.  Well, the same is happening to me especially when I’m going on voice and not appearance.  At the stages of life my three are in, it is hard to tell by voice alone who I am addressing.  Let’s just say the teen doesn’t like to be confused for the queen.

So, don’t forget to thank mom for all the fun things that make up who you are.  If you are buying a gift and running short on time or short on cash, consider offering the services of loading the dishwasher daily for a week or even a month (this is mainly for the teen who reads my blog).  I truly believe it would be similar to winning the lottery.  There is nothing better than waking to an empty sink.

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