Fantastic Friday


Sometimes a mom just doesn’t have enough brain space for worry or time management.  How it is that we get so much done is always a miracle to me.

Thursday evening the teen had a baseball game at 8 p.m.  Yes, on a school night.  Can you believe it?  Of course I had to let the coach know I thought this was crazy and didn’t he know brains needed to rest in order to function correctly and be able to learn the next day.  His response, “Yes, ma’am”.  During the game, my husband emails me that the teen has been hurt and that they are coming home.  To me this means his leg might need to be amputated and we are going to spend several hours at the hospital.  Guess what?  It was only a little bruised.  Nothing that some Tylenol and ice didn’t fix.

Along with the injury was a loud bump in the laundry room which followed with me yelling at the tween.  I figured he had knocked down something in the bathroom.  Our kids are great for causing towel rods to become dislodged from the wall.  Since we haven’t put the one back up in their bath I knew it couldn’t be that so I my I had moved on to the shower rod.  It was none other than a 100 ounce bottle of Downy that fell off the window ledge and spilled all over the laundry room floor.  It is still a mystery as to how this happened because no one was in there.  Too bad it couldn’t have been the one I had just emptied.  Cleaning up fabric softener may come in close to being as hard as cleaning up an oil spill in the ocean.

All that excitement makes it hard to sleep (not that people at my age sleep well to begin with) and makes it easy to forget all the other things I needed to do before going to bed.

The tween and the queen were having an outside lunch for the end of a 5th and 1st grade peer mentor program.  This meant I would need two peanut butter sandwiches with the crusts removed.  Normally not a problem but becomes a huge one when there is no bread.

During the no bread dilemma, I get a text from the teen that I didn’t give him any lunch money last night and I really need to get that money to him right away.  Let me add that on top of the bread, and the texts from the teen I had gotten the teen up twenty minutes behind schedule.  He wasn’t overly thrilled with his late wake up call that required him to get out of the house in just ten minutes.

On top of the no lunch money situation, I was getting texts from the husband about his day.  While getting out of the shower, the queen comes to ask why it is her grass skirt won’t stay closed (oh yes, it was Island Day also).

I had been invited to a fun day of shopping with some super moms and was seriously considering backing out of the trip by 7:30 a.m. because there were too many crazy things going on at my own home.  Somehow I made an emergency bread run, texted the friends to say I was going to need a few extra minutes, made the no-crust sandwiches, delivered two children to the bus stop, wrote a second check for the teen’s lunch (I had given him one the night before but it vanished into the lost papers triangle), presented a check for the teen’s lunch to the school secretary, whom I might add thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread, raced home, made the bed, and started the dishwasher.  All of this by 8:45 a.m.!  Let the shopping begin!

Just as I finish this post the teen stands by my side holding that check he swore I had never given him!

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