Grandparent Invasion


Memorial Day brings on the end of the school year and my parents’ semi-annual vacation.  Because we have lived in so many far away places in such a short period of time, they usually try to visit us during one of them a year.  The children when they were small saw them at least once a month because we were a two-hour drive.  Now, we are 4.5 hours and they came to spend a few days with us.  Of course the kiddies try to compete for their attention which leaves me trembling in my shoes.

It all started with the teen on Sunday morning.  He wanted to see a movie with his friend but we had a trip to the Brookfield Zoo planned.  He decides to text the grandparents to see how many seats their car will hold because on his own he thinks it’s a good idea to invite the friend along.  I had to veto the friend coming along but didn’t find out about the grandparent text conference until later in the day.  Not only can the kids be sneaky but those grandparents can be just as foxy.

As we are headed to the zoo, I realize way too late that none of the darlings has brought along a phone, electronic device, or even a book.  Riding with the queen simply to the store is a major undertaking…adding on an hour was pure torture for everyone involved.

The queen who hadn’t been to the zoo in some time wasn’t sure to make of it but was in a hurry to see the pacyhdermians (this is her created word I might add).  She may have enjoyed them more than the $2.75 snow cone we had to have.  Very glad I saved those Girl Scout cookie boxes.  For every five cartons you turn in at the Brookfield Zoo, one child can get in free.

We had a lovely lunch in downtown Chicago.  On the way out, the tween wants to know how this whole grandparent/parent relationship works.  In his words, “It’s kind of strange when it is the three of you.  You’re the mom and are in charge but now we are throwing your parents into the mix.  So, Mom, who is in charge?  Do you see the dilemma here?  You realize it is your parents, so do they have a leg up on you?”  Yes, Tween, I see the dilemma but not to fear I am always in charge–just ask your dad.

Monday we headed to Fair Oaks Farm for a little learning on cows.  If you are ever in the area and looking for a place to go for a few hours, I highly recommend checking them out  I do believe the queen enjoyed the cows more than the zoo.  We did however skip the birthing barn.  When you have one that is 11 and another 14–this is not a good time to be checking out the birth of cows–just ask the teen.

Tuesday meant the teen, tween, and queen were headed back to school.  I got the whole day to my parents by myself.  Even though I’m newly 40, spending time alone with my parents rocks!  Actual conversations took place that didn’t include–would you stop doing that, I will be with you in a minute, did you notice I was talking, and Gma, Gma, Grandma.

Summer vacation starts in just two short days.  Check back soon for a glimpse of our fun-filled summer!

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