Promise it is Going to Go Down Like This


There are some things in our house that are guaranteed to happen regardless of how much you try to make them not:

  • There will be at least one screaming fit after my husband leaves for work.  This is usually the queen screaming and the teen who did something that caused the screaming to happen.  You would think that the 14 yo would do anything possible to stay away from a crazy 7 yo but not the case here.
  • After asking the teen to take out the trash, there will be a deep sigh and a “Really, right now?  Why is it me that has to take out the trash?”  It might be because I’m the personal alarm clock, cook, dishwasher, taxi cab driver, errand runner, and general valet.  However, I should probably not explain that to him and just pretend I don’t hear the grumbling.
  • The queen will not have on matching socks.  It is a good thing the trend is mismatched socks because hers never match.  Plus, she believes that socks are made for one time only wear.  Not kidding folks.  There must be 50 million socks out there somewhere looking for the washing machine.
  • The end of the school year means weird things are coming home in the backpack.  I am considering just throwing away everything left in the queen’s backpack and the pack itself.  So far, I have unearthed a tiara, one sock, a shirt, a scroll, a smashed up Twinkie, lots of crumbled up pieces of paper that we just have to keep, and strange fuchsia colored  chunks keep surfacing.  There are still some books and things in there but I really don’t want to stick my hand down there any further and she has one more day to go!
  • All three will have to ask each night at least three times each what we are having for dinner.  The tween gets a little put out when I explain it has been announced twice before and he will have to do some research to figure out the answer on his own since he was in the area for the last two declarations.  Now that I have a family that can all read I better start using the Amy Knapp Family Organizer a little more–this way they can stop asking–like that will stop them!
  • When our house or car is at its dirtiest we will have a surprise guest or extra passenger.  My most recent passenger let me know how dirty my car was.  I think this goes along with the always wear clean underwear because you never know when you might be in an accident.  Guess who will soon be playing let’s see what we can find in the car game?

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  1. I always get that “Hey Mom? Mom? Hey Mom” thing too. It reminds me of the chant at a ball game (a la “Ferris Bueller”) — “Hey batter, hey batter, hey batter, swing batter, swing, he-can’t-hit-he-can’t-hit-he-can’t-hit…”

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