Who Knew?


Who knew I had a little inner freak out mom in me?  I sure didn’t but today realized we all do it just rears its head at different times and in different degrees.

In the past, my mom friends usually all have children the queen’s age or younger.  Our most recent move has put me into a circle of moms whose children are more in the teen and tween’s age range which is super cool and gives the boys guys to hang out with and me parents that I have gotten to meet. Please note that I said “hang out” with and not “play” with.  The teen has let me know that people of his age and sophistication no longer play together they hang out.

I have a censorship issue with video games, movies, and books.  I believe that games and movies have a rating system and if your age does not meet that rating then you do not get to see the movie or play the game.  If you get to watch PG13 movies when you are 10, what do have to look forward to when you are 13?  The boys really get put out with me on this but we once had a neighbor who thought it was okay for my then 5-year-old son to watch her husband and son (who was also 5) play Grand Theft Auto.

I found out at breakfast today that the teen was at a friend’s house and they were figuring out what video game to play when a mom overheard the teen say, “My mom wouldn’t allow me to play this game at our house.”  It was great to hear that all those lectures on video games and what we can’t play at home we can’t play at others finally made its way into his brain.  Now the mom is trying to figure out what video game it was.  She assures she didn’t think they had any bad games at her house.  I hope I reassured her that they may not be bad they just may not fit the age rating for what I’ve told the boys was okay to play.  I truly believe every parent has to decide this on his/her own and base it on the child he/she has.

The tween started theater camp this afternoon which is being held at a massive high school.  I worked in a rather large high school so when I say a facility is massive I’m really not exaggerating.  As the mom who just turned 40 and has two kiddos transitioning to middle and high school this year, I’m having a little difficulty saying get out there…see if you get hit by a bus.

Normally, I would just drop at the turn around and give a see you later but I could tell by the tween’s face he had a little anxiety about entering the building.  I suggested we park the car and walk together to the auditorium and when I wasn’t refused this I knew were on the same page.  A high schooler met us at the door along with a few other classmates of the tween and with as little fanfare as possible said, “You can pick him up in the turn around or come inside.  It doesn’t really matter.”  And here is the sad jab to the heart part, she simply turned around and said let’s go guys.  In guys, she wasn’t including any of us moms just the kids.  Today, I really could have used a pat on the arm and a we will take good care of him but just got the back of him and some other young ones marching off to take on a new challenge.

Did I think I was a helicopter mom?  No, not in the least.  But after today, anything is possible.  Guess it is time for me to slip on the big mama panties and get used to the transitions my kids are making.

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  1. Don’t worry, Amy. Your mom friends will plan a mom-only theater camp just for you. Our first exercise will be improvising action scenes from our kids’ favorite games. We’re glad you’re in our circle. 🙂

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