Mom’s Got Game


As anyone who is a parent knows, getting a child to eat fruits and vegetables can become an all out battle every day, every meal.

Here is a conversation that took place at our house recently:

Queen:  Is that zucchini you are putting in the Crockpot?

Me:  Yes, it is.

Queen:  You do realize I’m allergic to zucchini?

Me:  Really?  Since when?

Queen:  Yep, the dentist told me at my last checkup.  Turns my teeth green.

Me.  That’s interesting because the dentist nor assistant shared this bit of info with me.

Queen:  Well, it’s the truth.

Fast forward a few days.  Just the queen and I are running errands and I just happen to have a check that needs to be dropped off at the dentist office.  Sure I could have mailed it but I really wanted to hit home on this whole zucchini business.

Me:  Hi Receptionist how are you today?

Receptionist:  Doing great!  What brings you all by the office today?

Me:  Thought I would drop off a payment and discuss the Queen’s allergies.

Receptionist:  Queen’s allergies (she is pulling up charts and skimming the screen)?

Me:  Yeah, seems the dentist told the queen she is allergic to zucchini and it will turn her teeth green.

Cue crickets chirping

Receptionist:  That’s crazy!  If anything I would think the dentist would say to eat zucchini.

Queen:  Yeah, it sounded good to me on the day my mom was fixing it.

Receptionist:  So, you thought it a good idea to use the dentist as a scapegoat?

Queen:  Yep and it still sounds like a great idea.

Receptionist:  It would be a good idea to eat more vegetables because it will make your teeth stronger.

Queen:  I still don’t like zucchini.

Receptionist:  See you in September!

Oh yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about this parenting moment.

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  1. Amy you should sign the queen up for an open mic night of comedy. that kid kills me! you have to admit she does have quick comebacks to come up with that. Never a dull moment at your house

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