Sounds of Summer


We have made it through the first full month and one week of summer break.  Seems like we have about the same amount left.  Being home with three kids and a husband working third shift makes the summer seem much louder than it surely is.

Mine goes something like this:

Queen:  I’m going outside.

Me:  Ok, did you put on sunscreen?  You know you need to wear it now because if you don’t when you become a mommy they will have to cut parts of your body off.

Queen:  Mom, you are so gross.

Me:  Just stating the facts.

In the background you can hear the fine spray of some SPF and then you can inhale the fumes.  Something tells me that there will soon be a problem with the exhaust of the spray on stuff.  I’ve recently switched to the lotion (it’s a lot cheaper and makes no noise).

Then, the door will open with a smuck sound and a click.  Every door in our house clicks when it opens but the smuck sound makes you think of being enclosed in an airplane.  For the next eight hours it will be an endless song of smuck and click, smuck and click.  Remember being a kid and your dad would yell, “Pick a place, darn it, in or out, but quit with the coming in and out.”  Oh yes, I’m repeating history at my house too.

Along with the door comes the constant hum of the air conditioner and the distant sound of the ice cream truck.  Both of these I like to refer to as the cha ching of a cash register.

Someday, I’m going to invent a soundless blower and figure out how to install it on our air conditioning unit.  This way, I won’t hear the constant ringing up in my head as the temperatures continue to climb over 100 and the door to the house does the smuck and click.

Of course the ice cream man has to run his route to earn some money, which then causes more smuck and click, and then more humming from the air unit.  As if I can’t hear the mechanical music from a mile away, there has to come a screeching, “Hey Mom, can I buy some ice cream!” Note to those who aren’t at the ice cream truck stage:  You can purchase a box or sometimes two of popsicles or ice cream sandwiches from your local grocer for what it costs to buy one ice cream from the truck. I’ve gotten to where I allow the kids one purchase a month from the truck and just buy whatever is on sale at the store and share with the whole neighborhood.  I’m pretty sure I’m saving enough this way to put the teen through at least his first week of college.

Sometimes the queen can’t take the heat of the day any longer so she comes in to rest.  The resting never lasts long because there is always a knock (so excited I’ve gotten most of the neighbor kids to lay off the door bell) or a ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong.  Did I mention my husband sleeps during the day?  This then causes another smuck and click, a hum from the air unit, and me yelling about the air being on, how much it costs for the air to be on, and did you forget your dad is trying to sleep.

Oh yes, summer can be loud.  In my dreams, I can hear the sound of a big yellow bus rolling down our streets.

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  1. Amy, definitely one of your best posts yet…largely because any Mom of school-agers can relate! Thanks for all the much-needed smiles and chuckles!

  2. I believe I have yelled “Close that door! We’re not trying to cool the outside!” about 3,000 times this summer. Just like my dad used to say to us when we were kids.

    And we used to have an ice cream truck that rolled through our neighborhood 2-3 times a day. I don’t know where he’s driving now, but I’m pretty sure that everyone on the block was tired of hearing the tinkly little tune, followed by “Please Mom? Pleeease?”

    • I can’t believe how hot it has been! Holy cow, we need some a/c outside too.

      Lucky for us the ice cream truck only comes once every few weeks. I can not imagine it coming everyday and sometimes more than once.

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