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Aftermath of the Party


Well, they all made it through the first day.  All returned with happy smiles.  No one missed a bus.  The teen figured out the maze of the massive high school.  The tween is rockin’ middle school.  And, the queen, well she is always the life of the party.

I’m pretty sure the teen didn’t sleep at all the night before this glorious event.  I could hear him opening and closing his bedroom door.  At 4:45 a.m., I decided there was an intruder in the house and almost called the police but am glad I didn’t because I would have done nothing but reported a teen up on Facebook.  We are going to have to set some time limits on when it is appropriate to be logged on and the butt crack of dawn is just not the right time (not in the CST zone anyway).

The queen was up exactly two hours before the arrival of the bus.  We had plenty of time for viewing TV, getting a snack (for school), having breakfast, getting dressed, and putting on socks and shoes (no flip-flops).

After six hours of alone time, most of which I spent sobbing in the checkout lane at Jo-Ann’s, they finally starting stagering home.  The teen getting older really hit hard today.  Then I spent 45 minutes signing my name and making a list of all the things the teen needs for school.  For all my readers who aren’t at the high school stage just yet, they don’t give supply lists before school starts.

We had a great dinner of carry-out pizza.  We could have used a talking stick because everyone had so much to share.  The queen had to even raise her hand for a turn.  Normally, it is she who rules the conversation.

As I made my way through all the paper and signatures, I had a great conversation with the queen:

Me:  Queen, you need to come print your name.

Queen:  Why?  It goes back in my folder.  My teacher will know it is mine.

Me:  Because you are agreeing to follow these rules.

Queen:  What rules?

Me:  You are agreeing to do your best, to get plenty of sleep, turn your assignments in on time, eat healthy foods, be quiet so others can learn, and respect yourself, teachers, and classmates.

Queen:  Yeah, I can’t agree to that.

Me:  Are you serious?

Queen:  Yep, I can’t promise I can always do my work on time.

Me:  It says to do your best, they understand it might not always happen.  Plus, if you don’t sign this, there is lots of reading you are going to do about the not signing process and then you will have to sign that you don’t agree to the terms.  I sometimes wonder where this kid came from…the boys never questioned this kind of stuff.  They didn’t even ask what they were agreeing to do.

Queen:  Fine, I’ll sign but I’m not putting my last name.

And she wonders why I have a headache!  Bring on the Avil (queen speak for Advil)!


Let’s Get This Party Started


The big yellow buses will be rolling through my town tomorrow.  If it were up to me, they would come today, right this very minute.

It’s a little tough that the teen is headed to high school.  Wow, where do those years go?  But, it is time.  My house will be my own come tomorrow at 8:27.  It will be quiet and still–just the way I like it.

  1. We have purchased the shoes.
  2. Paid the book rental.  I think in the state of Indiana they do this to help prepare you for what it might be like when they start college.  Book rental is pricey.  Pricey like almost $200 per child pricey.
  3. Purchased the supplies.  A great feature of our elementary school is the price of supplies already being added to that book rental.  I will take paying $25 any day over hunting for school supplies.  However, the tween had eight rolls of Scotch tape on his list.  He’s a little miffed that he won’t be taking that many with him.  I feel two is a good number.  Seriously, how many rolls of tape can one kid need?
  4. Clothes are laid out.  For the teen and tween this is so super easy.  For the queen, we’ve been working on this outfit for at least a month.  The realization that today is the last day for flip-flops has sunk in.  Is it bad I told her the principal sent us an individual email reminding us that she can NOT wear them to school?
  5. Lunch accounts all have money available for those school lunches.  Finger prints have been scanned.  Nothing like a finger print being needed to purchase a school lunch.
  6. Locker combos have been practiced and all have been successful.
  7. Orientations have been attended.  Pretty sure we are now up to date on all things school related when it comes to attendance.
  8. Family meetings have been held.  Want to make sure we are all on the same page for those early morning starts.  The teen and tween will be sharing the bathroom and the same bus.
  9. Bus routes and numbers have been scouted.

What have we not done?  Oh, just the summer homework packet.  Not that we didn’t work on it because we did.  Somehow throughout the summer parts of it were left unattended.  Just letting you know that the day before school starts is not the day to try to finish all that has been left behind.  So, as I’m writing this it is a constant stream…how do you spell kick, why, and the (which the queen sounds out as thee, that’s from learning to read on the East coast).

As my husband said early today, just 22 hours to go.  I’m down to about 18 now.  So let’s get this party started.  Put on those new clothes and pack those fresh notebooks.  The bus to learning is headed down the street!

Stresses of a Taxi Driver


Who knew going into being a mom that eventually your status in life would become that of taxi driver?  Point A to Point B consumes so much of my time.  Thanks to my standing firmly that each of my children will do something productive I have a whole hive to transport on any given day.  To those readers who don’t have children yet or don’t have old enough children, tread lightly on requiring activities.  We require them all to do at least something and try to keep it limited to two activities per child.  When you have three children, this means as many as six events could land on one calender date.

Yesterday, I was driving the queen to her first softball practice for fall ball.  Our local town has closed the softball complex for repair which is requiring us to play one town over.  We’ve lived in our new town for just a year and I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to adventure to where we needed to be until yesterday.

Needless to say I was lost.  Had to stop the car to call our coach.  Had to turn around and go back the way I came.  Missed my turn.  Had to make another turn to get back to the missed street.  Here was when the queen decides to get involved.

Queen:  You realize Ga-ran-dad got lost every time he was supposed to make a turn when he took me on that trip to St. Louis.  I don’t mean a few times.  I mean every single turn he missed.  I’m just saying you should know since you seem to be having the same problem.  Your car should come with a siren that shouts watch out for the crazy lady in the white Cadillac she doesn’t know where she is going.

Me:  Thanks, Queen.  I’ve never been where we need to go before.  Of course, I’m thinking….yes, I know he missed every turn.  I lived with him for half my life and still sometimes go on road trips with him.  And, where do you think I gained my sense of direction?

Queen:  You realize I’m probably going to be late.

Me:  Yep, but the coach knows we were trying to get there on time.  I do believe he might cut us a little slack this being the first practice and all.

Queen:  Yeah, we’ll see about that.

So, we arrive to practice.  Most of the team is out fielding balls.  We get to the field and what does the queen do…she goes to the dugout and has a seat.  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  All the fuss about being late and she is sitting in the dugout.

I had to sip my Diet Coke and say a little prayer that I wouldn’t get up and bing her with a ball.