Stresses of a Taxi Driver


Who knew going into being a mom that eventually your status in life would become that of taxi driver?  Point A to Point B consumes so much of my time.  Thanks to my standing firmly that each of my children will do something productive I have a whole hive to transport on any given day.  To those readers who don’t have children yet or don’t have old enough children, tread lightly on requiring activities.  We require them all to do at least something and try to keep it limited to two activities per child.  When you have three children, this means as many as six events could land on one calender date.

Yesterday, I was driving the queen to her first softball practice for fall ball.  Our local town has closed the softball complex for repair which is requiring us to play one town over.  We’ve lived in our new town for just a year and I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to adventure to where we needed to be until yesterday.

Needless to say I was lost.  Had to stop the car to call our coach.  Had to turn around and go back the way I came.  Missed my turn.  Had to make another turn to get back to the missed street.  Here was when the queen decides to get involved.

Queen:  You realize Ga-ran-dad got lost every time he was supposed to make a turn when he took me on that trip to St. Louis.  I don’t mean a few times.  I mean every single turn he missed.  I’m just saying you should know since you seem to be having the same problem.  Your car should come with a siren that shouts watch out for the crazy lady in the white Cadillac she doesn’t know where she is going.

Me:  Thanks, Queen.  I’ve never been where we need to go before.  Of course, I’m thinking….yes, I know he missed every turn.  I lived with him for half my life and still sometimes go on road trips with him.  And, where do you think I gained my sense of direction?

Queen:  You realize I’m probably going to be late.

Me:  Yep, but the coach knows we were trying to get there on time.  I do believe he might cut us a little slack this being the first practice and all.

Queen:  Yeah, we’ll see about that.

So, we arrive to practice.  Most of the team is out fielding balls.  We get to the field and what does the queen do…she goes to the dugout and has a seat.  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  All the fuss about being late and she is sitting in the dugout.

I had to sip my Diet Coke and say a little prayer that I wouldn’t get up and bing her with a ball.

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