Let’s Get This Party Started


The big yellow buses will be rolling through my town tomorrow.  If it were up to me, they would come today, right this very minute.

It’s a little tough that the teen is headed to high school.  Wow, where do those years go?  But, it is time.  My house will be my own come tomorrow at 8:27.  It will be quiet and still–just the way I like it.

  1. We have purchased the shoes.
  2. Paid the book rental.  I think in the state of Indiana they do this to help prepare you for what it might be like when they start college.  Book rental is pricey.  Pricey like almost $200 per child pricey.
  3. Purchased the supplies.  A great feature of our elementary school is the price of supplies already being added to that book rental.  I will take paying $25 any day over hunting for school supplies.  However, the tween had eight rolls of Scotch tape on his list.  He’s a little miffed that he won’t be taking that many with him.  I feel two is a good number.  Seriously, how many rolls of tape can one kid need?
  4. Clothes are laid out.  For the teen and tween this is so super easy.  For the queen, we’ve been working on this outfit for at least a month.  The realization that today is the last day for flip-flops has sunk in.  Is it bad I told her the principal sent us an individual email reminding us that she can NOT wear them to school?
  5. Lunch accounts all have money available for those school lunches.  Finger prints have been scanned.  Nothing like a finger print being needed to purchase a school lunch.
  6. Locker combos have been practiced and all have been successful.
  7. Orientations have been attended.  Pretty sure we are now up to date on all things school related when it comes to attendance.
  8. Family meetings have been held.  Want to make sure we are all on the same page for those early morning starts.  The teen and tween will be sharing the bathroom and the same bus.
  9. Bus routes and numbers have been scouted.

What have we not done?  Oh, just the summer homework packet.  Not that we didn’t work on it because we did.  Somehow throughout the summer parts of it were left unattended.  Just letting you know that the day before school starts is not the day to try to finish all that has been left behind.  So, as I’m writing this it is a constant stream…how do you spell kick, why, and the (which the queen sounds out as thee, that’s from learning to read on the East coast).

As my husband said early today, just 22 hours to go.  I’m down to about 18 now.  So let’s get this party started.  Put on those new clothes and pack those fresh notebooks.  The bus to learning is headed down the street!

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  1. And today’s blog comes with a McDonald’s commercial! I couldn’t imagine a better corporate sponsor for your blog unless it was Diet Coke (from McDonald’s).

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