Aftermath of the Party


Well, they all made it through the first day.  All returned with happy smiles.  No one missed a bus.  The teen figured out the maze of the massive high school.  The tween is rockin’ middle school.  And, the queen, well she is always the life of the party.

I’m pretty sure the teen didn’t sleep at all the night before this glorious event.  I could hear him opening and closing his bedroom door.  At 4:45 a.m., I decided there was an intruder in the house and almost called the police but am glad I didn’t because I would have done nothing but reported a teen up on Facebook.  We are going to have to set some time limits on when it is appropriate to be logged on and the butt crack of dawn is just not the right time (not in the CST zone anyway).

The queen was up exactly two hours before the arrival of the bus.  We had plenty of time for viewing TV, getting a snack (for school), having breakfast, getting dressed, and putting on socks and shoes (no flip-flops).

After six hours of alone time, most of which I spent sobbing in the checkout lane at Jo-Ann’s, they finally starting stagering home.  The teen getting older really hit hard today.  Then I spent 45 minutes signing my name and making a list of all the things the teen needs for school.  For all my readers who aren’t at the high school stage just yet, they don’t give supply lists before school starts.

We had a great dinner of carry-out pizza.  We could have used a talking stick because everyone had so much to share.  The queen had to even raise her hand for a turn.  Normally, it is she who rules the conversation.

As I made my way through all the paper and signatures, I had a great conversation with the queen:

Me:  Queen, you need to come print your name.

Queen:  Why?  It goes back in my folder.  My teacher will know it is mine.

Me:  Because you are agreeing to follow these rules.

Queen:  What rules?

Me:  You are agreeing to do your best, to get plenty of sleep, turn your assignments in on time, eat healthy foods, be quiet so others can learn, and respect yourself, teachers, and classmates.

Queen:  Yeah, I can’t agree to that.

Me:  Are you serious?

Queen:  Yep, I can’t promise I can always do my work on time.

Me:  It says to do your best, they understand it might not always happen.  Plus, if you don’t sign this, there is lots of reading you are going to do about the not signing process and then you will have to sign that you don’t agree to the terms.  I sometimes wonder where this kid came from…the boys never questioned this kind of stuff.  They didn’t even ask what they were agreeing to do.

Queen:  Fine, I’ll sign but I’m not putting my last name.

And she wonders why I have a headache!  Bring on the Avil (queen speak for Advil)!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I would love to see the day that a teacher pulled out that agreement and reminded the student what they signed. Honestly, we’ve signed that same form many times and it just seems pointless. Filed and forgotten. Oh well. Lovin the stories 🙂

  2. Maybe I’ve actually found something Henryville Jr./Sr. High does right…they do at least send out supply lists (all grades K-12) before school actually starts. Wow, never thought I’d ever say that!….

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