School Supplies, School Supplies, School Supplies


Let me start this entry by explaining that I was once a high school teacher.  I understand kids need supplies for class.  I also understand that the older the kids get the less intensive the list becomes (unless of course you are in the 6th grade and need 8 rolls of Scotch tape).  As a teacher, buying supplies was the cost of doing business and I liked buying supplies (this was before I actually had three children with three different lists).  Let’s just say I’m a little grumpy about the whole community supply thing that happened by surprise this past week.

My tween has hit the middle school and came equipped with a huge list of supplies.  Eight rolls of Scotch tape (of which I only purchased two).  What they plan to do with eight is beyond me but I’m not buying more until we use the first two.

The tween arrived home on the first day to explain that his teacher would be collecting his tape (needed for two classes), loose leaf note paper (needed for several classes), composition notebook, tissues, hand sanitizer, and highlighters (also used for several classes).  I asked how he was going to use some of these things for other classes when she had them all…he didn’t really have an answer but could read my unhappiness about the situation.

I debated sending an email to ask.  I tossed the thoughts many times with my husband who is totally against community supplies.  Today I asked my friends who basically told me to suck it up and take one for the team.  I didn’t want to but decided I’d let it go.  Just get some more highlighters, tape, and paper.

Turns out I didn’t have to spend so much mental energy on my supply issue.  The tween solved it all by himself.  He decided to share with his teacher that his mom wasn’t happy that she took all of his supplies and now he can’t use them for other classes.  She explained how she doesn’t want to upset any parents, that she is an understanding teacher, and wants to do her best to get along with everyone…so she gave him back his supplies!

I don’t know what we did to raise an 11-year-old boy willing to confront a teacher about his supply issue but I’m really proud of him today.

I am a little worried because the same teacher is his Language Arts teacher and he caught her using the word good rather than well .  Hopefully, he will keep that one to himself.  However, he is a little steamed under the collar about it.  I guess you could say the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

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  1. Henryville has been doing the “Class Kitty/Pitch-in/Mutual Use” thing since before my boys started here. In fact, all of Clark County does it now but only grades K-6. Jr./Sr. High you supply and use only your supplies. I had to explain to my best friend when her daughter started Kindergarten in Greater Clark (Bridgepointe Elementary) why Katie needed 10 boxes of crayons…Mel wasn’t too happy either. Kinda like when Zack started Kindergarten here and I found out…explains why they ask that no one put names on any of their kids’ supplies.

    • Had they explained the community share in the supply letter I would have felt a little better about it. However, I may never get over the 8 rolls of tape! LOL

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