Another Crazy Wednesday


Wednesday in our school district is late start Wednesday.  This mean school starts 15 minutes later than any other day.  One would think this was a great thing…extra time to get ready, sleep in, catch up on a chore.  This extra time does nothing but wreak havoc on any routine that may already be in place.

Here is just a glimpse of my most recent late start Wednesday.

I had agreed to prepare a French toast casserole for a teacher breakfast at the tween’s school.  I have the husband preheat the oven at 5 a.m.  I slide the casserole into the oven a little later.  Casserole comes out of the oven and it is time to wake the tween and teen.  The normal grumbles sound…18 extra minutes of sleep makes them a little more grumpy than normal.  I cover the casserole and head to the middle school.

I arrive back home to see that both boys are dressed and ready to head out to the bus stop.  I’m relieved they have managed to get dressed and eat breakfast without me.  My happy reprieve doesn’t last long.  As they head to the bus, a little brotherly scuffle has ensued which has me racing after the teen down the street.  Why?  Because he doesn’t have his shoes tied.  Should I really care at his age whether or not he ties his shoes?  Probably not.  It was the principle of the whole moment.  I’m sure my neighbors got a huge kick out of my running down the street in hot pursuit.  His shoes were tied when I finally left the bus stop and the boyhood battle seemed to have dissipated.

As I reach the driveway, I notice that the queen is standing in the garage (overhead door open), topless, holding her backpack.  Her school is doing a magazine sale and she realizes I didn’t do my homework (each student was supposed to come back to school with 10 complete addresses).  I really wasn’t planning to do my homework but the queen most have known I was going to aim for the recycle bin and she was ready to take on the fight.  She of course doesn’t like that I decided to sort of make her happy and fill in a couple.  While I’m in the shower, she take the time to write in a few more people.  I have no idea what was really turned in but it probably isn’t good.  Will she get the cool prizes?  I don’t know but she can take that up with someone besides me.

At some point, I took the time to post to Facebook that next time a list for food items goes out I want to sign up for bananas or juice…something that doesn’t require me to bake so early in the morning.  A friend commented that I really needed to learn to say NO.

Took the time out of planning for a Brownie meeting that happens this afternoon to have breakfast with some great ladies.  I come home to 50 million emails.  One of the emails has the subject CONGRATULATIONS.  Not as in congratulations you have just won a free Dell computer but you have been chosen to be the 6th grade co-representative for the PTA.

I didn’t even get the chance to try out my new word.  Some sweet soul simply decided I needed one more thing on my plate.  Fun times are happening at my house this week.

To all those readers out there, how do you manage multiple schools and multiple children?  I seem to be struggling this week and could use some guidance.  Until next time…

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  1. I have no sage words of advice — the same things are happening to me!

    I hate confrontation and I hate being volunteered for things. It makes me want to hide out in my house!

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