Who Has Homework?


I have homework and I’m not even currently a student.  Then why homework you might ask?  Because I’m a mom of three kids.  I’m not sure when homework started being the responsiblity of the parent but I’m ready for it to revert to the 80s when my parents didn’t have anything to do with homework.

The tween came home the first week of school with an essay he needed me to edit.  Having been a teacher, I’m slow and picky editor.  I’m sure my kids would rather do anything than wait on me to check written work.

At the start of the second week, the queen comes home with a reading log.  She is to read 75 minutes every week and not just to herself but to someone.  This does not fit into our daily list of activities and other homework that must be done.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe all children should practice reading but reading to me every day is just gas on the fire.  Plus, I have to record all the titles that she reads, do some kind of reading strategy exercise with her and then sign off Sunday night that we have logged the expected minutes.  Being a creative mom, I have decided the tween and tween get to take turns being the listener.  Oh, how I love coming up with new ways to have them help.

Our community participates in a program called Spread the Hope where they collect peanut butter from every living body to distribute to food banks in our local community.  Two of our three schools are participating in the peanut butter drive.  The teen asks for a jar because he wants some extra credit in algebra.  I have already donated two and then I get the request for another jar for his world history class today.  Really?  I feel like we are buying a grade and it makes me a little hot under the collar.  Figuring I shouldn’t try to explain this to my 14-year-old boy and just buy the peanut butter and move past my quirks.  I guarantee they are going to ask me at the market if I would like to contribute another jar to cause when I check out the groceries.

Last week, the queen came home with the fill out ten addresses for our school magazine sale.  What did the assembly host tell the kids?  Take this home to your parents!  It’s their homework for the night.  Isn’t that cool?  Homework for Mom and Dad!  No, it is not cool because I’m already doing reading, editing, and buying peanut butter.

The last straw was pulled this evening causing my homework rant.  The queen presented her Draw and Solve math problem.  It was my job to draw dollar signs for one minute and then the queen’s job to count by 2s, 5s, or 10s to figure out how many I drew.  I did a record 74 dollar signs–this is according to the queen who had already done the activity at school with her classmates.  I hope I get the gold star because I do believe I’ve earned it.

If you don’t hear from me until May, it’s becaue I’m doing the homework assigned to Mom.


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  1. Ugh, “parent homework.” It’s like going through elementary and middle school all over again. But this time, I have to plan out the holiday parties too!

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