Images May Appear Smaller


Here it is the true hard facts, I’m 40 and have more hormone problems than my teen.  Never has my acne been worse than now.  I could be a poster-adult for Proactive!

Recently, I looked in the mirror and saw this rather large blemish.  I told myself it wasn’t really that big and got started with my Mary Kay regime.  By the time I had cleansed, refreshed, dark spotted, acne spotted, daily activated, moisturizer with a little SPF protection, hit the bad spots with some concealer, I was feeling pretty good.  Actually, my mirror spoke to me and said I was the fairest of them all.

My fairest of all bubble was soon burst when the queen interrupted my quiet solitude.  The conversation went something like this:

Queen:  Holy cow!  Mom, what happened to your face?

Me:  What about my face?

Queen:  That really big thing right there on your cheek!  What is it?

Me:  It’s a zit.

Queen:  Seriously?  Wow, that’s really bad.  You might want to do something about it.

Nothing like a seven-year old to hit your self-confidence right in the kisser.

The next day was Saturday.  Saturdays generally mean lots of shuffling to baseball, softball, birthday parties, and lunch at McDonald’s.  I was sitting quietly in the car with the teen and queen (it is usually the loudest when it is just the two of them).

Teen:  Wow!  Hey Mom, what happened to your face?

Me:  What’s wrong with my face?

Queen:  Teen, it’s a zit!  Don’t you know what a zit is?  You have them all over your forehead.

Me:  Dude, it’s a zit gone bad.

Teen:  Shakes his head and gives me the are you kidding look.

Readers, stick to what you see in the mirror just know that sometimes what you see may be larger in real life.

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