New Year Revolution


Hey Readers

I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday season, saw lots of family and friends and are ready for a fresh start.

The queen asked me recently what my revolution for the year was.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and haven’t figured out entirely where I want my year to go.  However, these are things I know I want to stay the same:

  1. I am the mom and I will continue to answer why with because I’m a mom and I said so.
  2. Having family dinners every night will be our norm rather than a special occasion.  I love having my family at dinner every night.  Sometimes it isn’t all of us at one time and sometimes they really don’t like what I fix but there is so much joy in bringing people together through food.
  3. No matter where we live, community service will always be a facet of my weekly routine.
  4. I will be a parent first and a friend second to the teen, tween and queen.  Just in case you haven’t reached the teen years yet, it can be a rough and bumpy adventure with some fun days thrown about–think of the times your child was three but this time with a much bigger body and a larger vocabulary.
  5. Common sense questions will continue to be answered with my own mom’s response:  if you have to ask, you already know the answer.
  6. Continue to allow the queen to mess up words like revolution over resolution and barnacle pooper over bankruptcy.  The queen is the end of the children in our house…I’m going to enjoy her being little at least one more year.

There are a few things I would like to work on improving:

  1. Blogging on a more regular basis.
  2. Eating a more healthy diet.  Who doesn’t have this on the list every single year?
  3. Not explaining to the tween the reason we didn’t buy any Golden Oreos is because our country is headed for a fiscal cliff and so will our family’s financial situation.  The husband who is known for sarcasm looked at me like I had two heads when I said this.  As did the tween, who has no idea what the fiscal cliff is.  Not that I do either.
  4. Getting eight Girl Scout troops through cookie pick up every 15 minutes.  I’m a Girl Scout leader and a Cookie Co-Chair for our local unit.  It is colder than a well digger’s hiney in early February in NW IN and I want to spend as little time outside as possible.  I’m sure there will be more posts about cookies in the near future.

The queen’s revolution is to stop wearing mismatched clothes.  So far, she has worn socks that match each day this year.  On day two, she shared her struggle to wear matching clothes.  Below is a 2012 picture of her ready for softball.  She has some work to do to turn down a new path but meeting that challenge is what we all want in the end.


Happy New Year!

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  1. Saying you are retired makes you sound old. You aren’t. I agree with you about food and dinners. And you make me laugh and terrify me about the prospect having soon having a tween all at once.

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