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Just Another Dirty Gym Uniform


I don’t know about your house but I really think my family looses their minds over the weekend.  It is always Crazy Town when Monday hits.  Recently, my tween comes down carrying his gym uniform wanting to know why I didn’t wash it.  Probably because I didn’t know he had brought it home.

After a quick lecture from him on hygiene, I suggested he wear it another week and bring it back again next week.  I know Bad Mommy of the Year Award.  He throws it in the bag and waits a week to try again.  This time when he mentions washing the uniform I’m in the middle of putting dinner on the table but I stop everything I’m doing and throw that thing in with some Tide.

As my family tries to eat dinner and talk over the washing machine, I know in the back of my mind Monday will be smooth sailing.  He’ll be so excited to have a clean smelling uniform!

Flash forward to Monday:  Hey Tween, don’t forget your gym uniform.  It’s all ready to go.  Don’t want you to be without it.

Tween:  I don’t need it until Wednesday.  We only have gym Wednesday and Friday.

Me:  Are you serious?  Thought last week you were all worked up about not having a clean uniform

Tween:  Mom, we’re all in middle school.  We all smell bad.  I can go a few weeks between washing that thing.

Do you hear that banging?  It’s just me hitting my head on the kitchen granite.

Have a great week and be glad there’s just one Monday a week!  I hope it’s a smell good one too!  If it’s not, your secret is safe with me.



I’m Back!


It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since my last post.  It is amazing at how fast life goes when living with a teen, a tween, and a wannabe queen.

We’ve moved…not to a new blog location but to a new zip code.  Moving can sure keep you on your toes and make you realize you have stuff that you don’t even know you own.  How this still happens after four moves in six years I do not know.  I think the moving companies forget to leave boxes so they just replace them with another family’s belongings.

Even though we have a new city, new zip code, and new schools we’re still the same crazy family that we’ve always been.

Halloween is fasting approaching and I like to be well stocked for the little darlings that come knock on our door and ring the blasted door bell which doesn’t work.  Well, the door bell does work but only when I’m home alone several days after a visitor has come and gone.  Yes, it’s a little freaky every single time it happens.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be a last-minute candy buyer.  Secretly, I like to eat those little chocolates and pretend I’m not eating them.  My Halloween candy stash is the subject of today’s little chuckle.

The queen was working on a school project yesterday and was messing around in my laundry room (aka candy stash) looking for some supplies.  She sees we have a nice selection and someone has been into that candy.

Queen:  Hey Mom, did you know there are bags of Halloween candy in the laundry room?

Me:  Yes, I know it’s there.

Queen:  Did you know someone’s been eating all that candy?

Me:  Hmmm

Queen:  Well, aren’t you going to do something about it?

Cue the chirp of crickets.

If you’re a secret Halloween candy eater, your secret is safe with me as I smuggle one more Milky Way, and a Tootsie Roll, oh and maybe a…