Wow, This Place Stinks!


The tween was recently invited to his first boy/girl birthday party.  Of course attending a birthday party requires the purchase of a gift.  Birthday parties and gift purchasing isn’t anything new to us but the tween buying for a girl turning 13…well that’s a whole new ball of wax.

I suggested we visit Bath & Body Works for a girl appropriate gift.  The tween agreed that it would be a good place because ALL the GIRLS in the seventh grade use hand sanitizer like it’s free.

For some crazy reason, the tween and I got to slip off on the gift buying adventure alone.

The fact that it was sleeting and the door to the local Bath & Body Works store was propped open should have been a clue that entering may not be a good idea.  However, we were on a mission and we pretended not to notice.  A wall of fragrance met us before our feet had made it on the doormat.

Tween:  Oh, mom this place stinks beyond belief!

Me:  Hang in there!  We just walked in the door.

Tween:  Grab something quick and let’s get out of here.

I should add here the sales staff has overheard this and are cracking up.  They offer their services but the tween wasn’t happy with their choices.

He found lots of little hand santizer choices and they were a bargain to boot.  I’ve taught them early to be savvy shoppers.  Believe it or not, they even sell little holders that light up…for a boy who is all about tech stuff, he was stoked to find this gadget.

Tween: I’ve lost a little of my manhood being in this store.  Plus, my eyes are starting to water.  So glad we’re getting ready to leave.

Me:  It’s not that bad.  Look, there’s a really manly guy behind us (super tall with 1.5 inch gauges in each ear).  As we are walking out the door I point out another man.

Tween:  Mom, they are married or boyfriends, they have no choice.  I on the other hand am 12 and have lots of choices and one of them is to not come back to a store like this.

We had a little extra time so I suggested a quick snack at the coffee shop next door.  The coffee shop was having a school event so there were several young girls sitting on stools waving to the tween as we walked by.  I suggested he should wave back.  He declined and explained that he is a hot commodity and those girls are at most in the third grade and he can’t be leading them on just because he is small for 12.

Sweet giblets, him becoming a teen is going to be an interesting journey!


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