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Just Another Dirty Gym Uniform


I don’t know about your house but I really think my family looses their minds over the weekend.  It is always Crazy Town when Monday hits.  Recently, my tween comes down carrying his gym uniform wanting to know why I didn’t wash it.  Probably because I didn’t know he had brought it home.

After a quick lecture from him on hygiene, I suggested he wear it another week and bring it back again next week.  I know Bad Mommy of the Year Award.  He throws it in the bag and waits a week to try again.  This time when he mentions washing the uniform I’m in the middle of putting dinner on the table but I stop everything I’m doing and throw that thing in with some Tide.

As my family tries to eat dinner and talk over the washing machine, I know in the back of my mind Monday will be smooth sailing.  He’ll be so excited to have a clean smelling uniform!

Flash forward to Monday:  Hey Tween, don’t forget your gym uniform.  It’s all ready to go.  Don’t want you to be without it.

Tween:  I don’t need it until Wednesday.  We only have gym Wednesday and Friday.

Me:  Are you serious?  Thought last week you were all worked up about not having a clean uniform

Tween:  Mom, we’re all in middle school.  We all smell bad.  I can go a few weeks between washing that thing.

Do you hear that banging?  It’s just me hitting my head on the kitchen granite.

Have a great week and be glad there’s just one Monday a week!  I hope it’s a smell good one too!  If it’s not, your secret is safe with me.



Sparkles Too


imageLast week, you may have remembered my post about glitter clothes attacking the rest of my every day laundry.

Imagine my surprise when I attended the queen’s poetry reading to discover the poem to the right.

Nothing like a little matematickle to crack up a mom who had nothing better to do than blog about sparkles in the laundry.















imageHere sits the queen in a glitter shirt with a beret (made by me) that she can’t stand.  Not only do I have time to blog about laundry but I can also whip up props that my children decide they don’t like.

It wasn’t until recently that I knew there were such things as mathematicals and cinquains.  Cinquain happened to be on the spelling list a few weeks ago.  Yeah, second grade is a little more advanced than it used to be.  It’s okay, I had to look it up too!

All That Sparkles


If you are living with a young girl, you have experienced the thrill of shopping at Justice or buying all that sparkly clothing at another local retailer.  The queen recently received some really cool sparkly stuff for Christmas.  She has some high top boots, shirts, and this out of control dress–that is both sparkly and swirly.

Here’s what happens when you wash said sparkles:  they attach to all the other clothes that are in the washer or dryer.  I spent at least thirty minutes the other day dejazzling my husband’s work clothes and the teen’s stylish socks.  Did you know that they make cloth with adhesive sparkles?  Neither did I but four of us are now paying the consequences for my slow learning curve.

Here are some conversations that have followed now that we all glitter when we spin:

Husband:  Um, thought you should know, I raised my arm up at work last night.

Me:  Yeah

Husband:  It was like a mini disco.  There were all these little shiny stickers all over the outside of my shirt, under my arm.  Plus, there must be a million on the inside of my shirt.  I didn’t think to check the inside of the clothing or the under arm section.


Teen:  Have you seen my socks?

Me:  Yep, they are on top of the washer waiting for you to put them away.

Teen:  I know where they are.  What I’m asking is, have you seen the condition of them?

Me:  Yep, they look like really expensive socks.

Teen:  I could do without all the glitter stickers.  Seriously, I’m in high school.  Glitter is so not cool.  And, they are even on the inside of the socks!


Tween:  Hey, Mom!  Did you notice anything about the laundry this week?

Me:  Yep, it’s kind of sparkly

Tween:  I’m just saying in middle school it is not okay to go to school with a sparkly behind, especially if you are a boy.  I’m a boy.  Sparkle free is good.

Me:  Thanks for letting me know.

Tween:  How you going to fix this problem?

Me:  Cue cricket music


Queen:  Mom, I need the dress to these sparkly pants

Me:  The dress isn’t clean.

Queen:  But I put them in the laundry room at the same time.  At least she is learning how the laundry system works!

Me;  Yep, I noticed that.

Queen:  How come my dress isn’t clean too?

Me:  Because the rest of the family wants to be glitter free for the week.

Queen:  Oh man, I was really hoping to wear that dress again soon.


The dress is going in a pillow case on its next washing.  I’m going to spend the next decade scrapping glitter stickers off the inside of my dryer.  I will also be vacuuming them up because they have migrated to my pillow, on the central staircase of the house, and just about anywhere else that has had something that made contact with the laundry room.  No sparkles have been washed for over a week and they are still coming up on the dryer vent and the little rubber gasket of the washing machine.  I have a GE nightmare on my hands.  Pretty sure the manual has nothing about glitter exposure.  Actually I know it doesn’t because I’ve read it at least three times.

If you run into the teen, the tween, or the wannabe queen and notice a little extra glimmer, it isn’t just their charming personalities, it’s a little extra love coming from the laundry room.

Laundry Fairy?


Wouldn’t it be nice if every house had a laundry fairy?  I feel like I spend most of my time washing, or re-washing (I know I’m not the only one that accidentally forgets to swap the wash).  Recently, I started doing a little substitute teaching in our local schools.  I’m only working a few days a week but it has had a huge impact on the amount of time I have to spend on the little things…like laundry.

Two weeks ago I received a text:

The husband:  Hey, my clothes smell funny.

Me:  You mean like they have been on a fresh mountain spring morning trip?

The husband:  Um, more like they hung out in the washer a little too long.

Me:  Hmmm…let me talk to the person responsible for the laundry.

The husband:  You do that.

Some time later I send another text…she says she might do a better job if she had some chocolate.

Many hours pass and my husband comes home.  He eats dinner, says hi to the kids, helps with 2nd grade homework, and watches some TV.  I head to our bathroom to find a bag of chocolates in the sink, and then some under my pillow and another in my pajamas.  I thank him for the chocolate and don’t think much more about it.

Fast forward to the next morning

The teen and tween have gone to school and the queen is in the midst of her usual 45 minute dressing drama.  I’m brushing my teeth and can hear her in the laundry room…Mom, hey Mom, do you heared me Mom?  You need to see this right away.  I pretend to not hear her because I’m sure whatever she has found might not be something I want anything to do with.  Then there is the patter of little feet that only a parent can love and she is stage whispering that she has found a huge bag of Snickers in the dryer and I really should come see it right now.  It happens to be the husband’s day off and that just blew any chance of him sleeping in a little.

I go down to the laundry room with the queen to discover that yes indeed there happens to be a huge bag of Snickers in the dryer.  Of course the queen wants to know where those Snickers came from…off the top of my head I come up with the laundry fairy leaving them there for me.  She is super pumped that there might really be something like a laundry fairy.

She is finally dressed and the husband appears in the kitchen…doesn’t take long for him to get the report of discovered Snickers in the dryer (not that he couldn’t hear any of the previous conversations).  He asks if anyone had opened the washer yet.  You don’t have to ask the queen twice…she was off in record time to discover a bag of Reese’s Cups.

We are ready to head to the big yellow bus when the queen wants to know…can she help do laundry?  She seems to think it would be great to get her own visit from the laundry fairy.

My husband thinks we should hide a miniature candy bar in her room and then tell her the clean room fairy had come to visit.  Sounds like a good idea to me.